Case study: PEI government web portal

The provincial government needed help building a web portal for residents to access interdepartmental services.

User requests were being printed out and hand delivered to the appropriate department, resulting in large printing costs and potential for human error. Applications could take weeks to arrive and even longer to process.

Partnering with Business Technology Consulting (BTC), we implemented a solution using the Angular framework that allowed users direct access to the department they needed. We used on-premises Kubernetes to allay any data security concerns, and a custom web service that used Camunda to orchestrate the workflows.

Our work led to significant improvements in turn-around times for people applying for PEI government services – a matter of hours instead of weeks. We implemented a robust DevOps team structure to monitor the health of all services, and content teams can now create new webforms without needing changes from developers. Around one million applications have since passed through this system – not bad, considering the population of PEI is around 160,000.