Case study: Salesforce custom quoting application

The problem

In the insurance industry, companies that provide quotes sooner are more likely to get business. Our client, a major Canadian health insurer, needed a custom application that could speed up the quoting process for their policy agents by automating their four different insurance products, and integrate them with Salesforce.

The primary challenge was to develop a comprehensive understanding of our client’s insurance quoting process, and look for ways to limit the number of Salesforce user accounts – the client had more than 300 agents selling policies, but could not purchase 300 Salesforce licenses. They needed a solution that delivered quoting functionality while keeping new user accounts to a minimum.

The solution

Our solution allowed the client to use inactive, unbilled users on Salesforce as their agents. The solution consisted of:

  • Automation of four different health products

  • E-signature app integration with Salesforce

  • Implementation of a cover sheet to be used by underwriters

  • A front-end tool to allow agents to communicate with Salesforce, avoiding the cost of new user accounts

The result

We delivered the required integration and applications within the available budget and within the six-month delivery window.

Our client was very happy with the integration of the E-signature app into Salesforce, which significantly added to the selling points of their policies.

Their policy agents loved the solution and were able to quickly bring new customers on board.

The management was impressed that our solution resulted in much quicker turnaround times between customers applying for insurance and receiving a quote on their policy, which helped them win new business.

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