Case Study: Customer Portal

The Problem

Our client’s portal was in need of new functionality to improve the customer experience when a change of address occurred.  We were able to implement a standardized development workflow and introduce new functionality, allowing  the customers’ accounts to merge upon a change of address.  This has allowed a seamless transition in online services upon an address change as well as providing them with new document notifications, and service outage updates for their new address.

The Solution

We used our Drupal, React, and Docker expertise to understand and improve their stack – providing new functionality, resolving existing bugs and refining the developer experience. Not only did this result in an improved customer experience, but also reduced costs for our client.

The Result

During the lifecycle of the project we paid down existing tech debt which our client had expressed concern for. The CI/CD pipeline was made faster and more straightforward by removing unnecessary code, introducing semantic versioning, and simplifying the docker experience.