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Case Study: Equalized Billing

The Problem

During the summer months, our client offers equalized payment options to their customers. They enlisted our help to build an automated enrolment process. This promotes reduced cost to our client and ease of use for their customers, resulting in higher satisfaction rating.

The Solution

This enhancement centered around removing the interaction with customer service. In an effort to reduce costs, we introduced the ability to determine a customer’s eligibility to the program and complete the signup process automatically. Thus, eliminating the need for customer service representatives to be involved in the enrolment steps.

The Result

While working closely with business and technical leaders in an agile kanban manner, the new feature was built quickly and efficiently atop their Drupal implementation with React frontend and SQL backend. Additionally, detailed documentation was provided to ensure the new features were fully understood.

Case study: Classifii



Tech specs

  • Cross-platform development using the Flutter SDK
  • PHP and MySQL back end, running on Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Firebase for real-time messaging and push notifications



  • Full-cycle development on a new mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Added functionality critical to our client’s business plan
  • Built an internal app to help our client’s team manage transactions and facilitate deals between buyers and sellers

A new way to buy and sell your stuff

Our client had a unique business idea: a mobile app that enables users to buy and sell using a contact-free online platform, with dedicated pickup and drop-off points. This would allow users to trade with each other anonymously, without having to deal directly with strangers.

The work

We designed a front-end UI that would be instantly familiar to users of existing online marketplaces, leveraging our expertise with UX design and Flutter SDK development to build a smooth and intuitive user experience. We used PHP and MySQL running on the Google Cloud Platform to build the back end.

The result

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with Classifii. It’s bright, friendly and easy to use. In the short time since its release, we’re already seeing users actively making deals while staying safe.

Classifii is now live and available on iOS and Android

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Case study: System modernization and developer training

PEI Mutual needed a web portal to better serve their customers, and asked for our development expertise.

From the outset, we knew our client’s development capacity was very limited. They were mostly relying on paper records, with a small IT department.

We spent time closely integrating with the development team, discovering their strengths and noting opportunities for improvement. We organized a ten-session training course on C# and modern security technology. We also introduced the Angular framework and updated their coding processes to more modern development practices.

By the end of our time with them, a prototype of the web portal was built and their developers were in a solid position to keep writing their own Enterprise software. They had the knowledge and the tools for further development, with languages and skills that could be transferable to other projects and services.

Most rewarding of all: we helped the team find confidence in their own abilities. Working alongside them, we realized they knew a lot more than they thought – they just needed the right tools and training to see it.