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Case study: Account-level billing system

Our client, a Fortune 100 insurance company, needed a new billing solution. Under their old system, customers would receive a different letter for each policy they owned.

That’s where we came in.

We were brought on to integrate with their developers, and quickly established ourselves as team leaders. We discovered their system UI was being run on a mainframe, and migrated it onto newer hardware to keep with modern development practices and reduce costs.

We implemented an account-level billing system, and provided training and mentorship to foster good development practices. We interviewed company representatives to learn how they worked, and built a custom UI to address their process needs. We also introduced a payday billing concept, allowing customers to pay at a time that was agreeable to them, thereby reducing non-pay scenarios.

The result was a massive drop in overhead expense.

Our client saved millions of dollars in operating and printing costs, and saw a corresponding rise in net revenue. Needless to say, they were extremely pleased. We’ve been engaged with them on more projects ever since.