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Case Study: IVR Platforming

The Problem

Our client, a Fortune 100 insurance company, needed to modernize their IVR system.
Under their old system, they were hard wired to certain vendors, creating over-dependence and making them highly vulnerable to service changes and even business interruption.

The Solution

In order to quickly adapt to vendor changes, and take advantage of technology changes, our client needed a vendor-agnostic API to interface their system with the IVR infrastructure.
Without this modernization, the IVR system would have to be completely rewritten in order to accommodate any changes that needed to occur.

The Result

Binary Star is involved in the ongoing effort to modernize our client’s IVR system. This is a large project involving multiple teams. In addition to solving their core problem, this new system is also allowing our client to improve stability, reduce costs, and enlarge the user base for digital channels by creating an omni channel flow. They have been able to move to scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud systems and leave their legacy architecture behind.

Further benefits will emerge as this project develops, with Binary Star driving our client’s success as they modernize and take advantage of the latest innovations and technology in the IVR space.