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Case study: Third Party Integrations

The Problem

In today’s high tech world, customers are looking for the cheapest rates and quickest service to serve their insurance needs.

To serve this need, we assisted in modernizing our clients insurance products to be available to third party comparison websites. These integration solutions have to be fast, secure and accurate to ensure a quality product is delivered.

The Solution

Secure Rest APIs were created to allow third parties to quickly quote and purchase home and auto policies. By allowing the third party websites to self-serve these transactions, our client was able to provide a low touch solution for their partners to sell insurance to the end customer.

In addition to the rest services, a portal was created that allows third parties to view documentation and communicate with our client in a low touch solution that allows them to onboard quickly while providing the information they need to succeed.

Tech Specs

  • Javascript/Typescript 
  • Cloud Foundry
  • AWS (Global Tables, CDK, S3, Lambda)

Business Value

  • Drive more business 
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better ROI compared to legacy solutions

The Result

Numbers are still fresh as the system was only recently deployed to production, but early results have been good. Conversion rates are up and more customers continue to onboard onto the platform.

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